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UPDATED:  February 12, 2021  –  HealthEArizonaPlus is a convenient online tool that allows those individuals receiving government assistance for their healthcare needs to access their account.

HealthEArizona Login

On you can manage benefits, renew insurance coverage, report changes, and apply for other government assistance programs such as SNAP benefits.

Comparing insurance quotes on the health insurance marketplace is fast and informative. Simply go to their website to create your online profile.

To create your account…

  • Visit the homepage & click the “Create Account” button on the top right
  • Enter the requested personal information on the form and click “Next”

Note:  You will be asked to come up with a username and password. Password protection is very important to prevent identity theft. When choosing your password protection and increase your identity theft protection choose a password that utilizes numbers, words, and special characters.

Benefits of Using HealthEArizonaPlus Program

An online profile allows those receiving government assistance to:

  • Report changes in status.
  • Manage profile
  • Renew health benefits.
  • Apply for public programs such as SNAP benefits and EBT Card.

Managing Your Account

Health E Arizona Plus allows individuals to manage and access their healthcare from home, work or on the go. Using to manage their health care, individuals can apply for Medicaid online.

Without having to actually go into a Medicaid office to apply for Medicaid or even to see if you qualify for Medicaid eligibility individuals can save on gas, money and time, things that may already be stretched too thin.

Your account is used: to apply for government assistance programs such as SNAP Benefits, TANF and others. When you apply for Medicaid you can choose someone to represent you in the online health insurance application process and ask for a fair hearing if you disagree with a decision regarding your healthcare benefits.

Refer your insurance application to the Health Insurance Marketplace to see if you can get a tax credit to help pay for your insurance coverage.

When financial or health situations change it is very important to make sure you are getting the correct amount of insurance coverage that you deserve. When you have an online account on you can report changes or renew your health benefits and get covered.

With its 24/7 customer service help desk, requesting assistance with your health insurance quote or when filling out your insurance application is a click away.  Personalizing your online profile to fit your needs is effortless; check the status of your case, see alerts and receive reminders.

Why Use Health E Arizona Plus?

With an online account, individuals can experience safe and easy management of their health insurance.

  • 24/7 customer service support
  • Safe & secure account management
  • Simple to use, with 15 minute screenings and apply in about an hour
  • Manage your profile on your own time from a mobile device or computer

Contact Arizona Department of Insurance


P.O. Box 19009,
Phoenix, AZ 85005

Login Issues

If you forgot your login or password, please see Reset Your Password

NOTE: We are not affiliated with this company, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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