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UPDATED – February 10, 2021:  US Direct Express prepaid debit cards are an easy way to gain access to your financial assistance and federal benefits funds.  With 98% of government assistance programs shifting to electronic payments, having one of these MasterCards is offering a gateway to those who don’t have a bank account.

Whether or not you have a bank account or belong to a credit union singing up at for an account is easy and free.

How to Access – US Direct Express My Account

With online profile, you will be able to be in control of the same functions as on the Direct Express Mobile App. Setting up your online account is easy.

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First, you will have to make changes to your government assistance account to begin receiving your federal funds on the card.

  • Go to to create your login username and
  • Click on the “Login” button, this will take you to the page where you have the option to enter as a returning user or to create a new user
  • To create a new user profile, click “Create New User” button and follow the instructions
  • Click “Submit” and you’re ready to begin taking control of your financial assistance
  • You will need your account number, Social Security Number; this is also where you’ll create your username and password. It is important for password protection and identity theft to not share your password with anyone.

Features of the Direct Express Program

list of features of usdirectexpress

This is very similar to an EBT used for SNAP benefits.

Each month recipients’ funds are loaded onto the prepaid MasterCard to be used anywhere that accept MasterCard CC’s: grocery stores, gas stations, healthcare offices, drug stores and pharmacies, restaurants and department stores.

Although cardholders cannot add more money to their debit cards, they can get cash back when they make a purchase, this money is simply deducted from the total balance remaining.

With Direct Express access to my account, people receiving federal funds for Social Security Disability or any government assistance can easily check their balance, see transactions and set alerts for low balance and find the nearest ATM machine.

Unlike traditional CC’s you can’t spend more than what’s on the debit card, so it is important to be mindful of your account balance.

In addition to the phone app recipients can set up a Direct Express card login.

There are many other comparable programs and prepaid debit options offered by the US Treasury, one related is the Go Program Way2GoCard.


PayPerks Reward Program

One of the most useful functions of an account is the PayPerks rewards program. is a rewards program that gives individuals the opportunity to earn rewards points by taking online tutorials guiding them to make better financial decisions.

These lessons are meant to encourage those receiving government assistance to learn how to keep more of their electronic payment benefit and finding tips to make the most of the the prepaid Direct Express card.

So for each point you earn on PayPerks enters you to win one of the monthly cash prizes, with the ability to earn hundreds of points each month that extra cash can really help.

Customer Help Desk Contact

The customer service help desk currently receives millions of calls a month from recipients looking to check the balance of their federal funds, confirm direct deposit and review transaction history.


Payment Processing Services
P.O. Box 245998
San Antonio, TX 78224-5998

Access Issues at

If you forgot your user ID or password, please see Reset Your Password 


NOTE: We are not affiliated with this company or, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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      1. you can only put government moneys on your card. open a savings account and have the loan put in it> what I did anyways

      2. I don’t think so , I inquired about something like that & was told “No, Because the Direct Express Card Does NOT have a routing or checking account number for us to utilize.

  1. I have a direct express account. where I receive my monthly benefits & I would like to register an online sign in account to monitor it. Please advise me of how may I do so?

  2. I really like the program but why don’t they give us senior citizens some small advances when needed?
    I run out of gas money before the end of the month so $100 or less would sometimes help.

  3. I am trying to access my statement online. Had to create an account which is giving me an error. According to the Disability office my card has a fraud hold on it.

  4. I would enjoy participating in the Pay Perks program. Any incentive to make a dollar, it is so hard to live with an extremely limited income.

  5. Trying to find out why my direct express card can’t be used off line in stores and banks. It is declined each time I use for a purpose or withdrawal.

    1. Where do you live?? I live in Virginia & do not have a problem getting cash back when I am making a purchase. Always use DEBIT and you should have no problem getting CASH BACK.

  6. my card is expired and they have not sent me a new one. i cannot get through to customer service and have tried to make a transfer to access my money and that won’t work I need to access my account yesterday to pay bills!!! This is ridiculous!

  7. I just received my new card and would like to activate it. I have been trying to get ahold of some one to talk to but unable to reach anyone.

  8. i trying to change my account to direct deposit to my bank. i called ssi they told me i need a routing number, account number in order to do that

  9. I am trying to find out how to get customer service on the phone.
    I am trying to find out my routing # and any information to my account so i can register my card with social security.
    i have to call them and give them this info so my payment will be direct deposit for my ssi and i cant get a person on the customer service # on the back of my card.

  10. Having problem with log in screen with online service for record standing with activation.
    Called in to recall a past reorder for the lost/stolen card that has not arrived yet in my mail box.

  11. I have been trying to have Direct Express and i would like to be activated by using my card on line and purchase food and etc and activity showing on my card to use and every month getting my SSI monthly on my card and statement and when is this going to happen I really want direct express for my SSI and Go direct.

  12. The DX card is good but why does it take 3 business days to transfer money? My SS arrives on the 3rd I have bills that need to be paid on the 3rd…and certain companies will not accept the card -??? Why don’t you have Zelle?

  13. i need help in changing my direct deposit from direct express to a netspend card so if you can help me i would greatly appreciate it

    1. How do I get my tracking number to find out where my card is? It was supposed to arrive yesterday or today.

  14. Walmart gave me a refund and it’s been 14 days and it has not posted yet please let me know something. I need that money refunded asap thanks again

  15. This company is Bullshit…I filed a claim over 90 days ago and was told that I would be receiving a decision at the end of the 90 day investigation I still have gotten no answer concerning the outcome. Customer service level2 never responds to my calls,the hold time is always an hour or more… it’s ridiculous…what kind of service is this company providing.? NONE!!! WORST COMPANY EVER !!! I WOULD ADVISE THAT NO ONE USES THIS COMPANY OR CARD

  16. How can you find out anything when you can’t get on line, or speak to a live person😡

  17. I have three deductions from my card thatdi d not do nor authorize totaling 93.00 dollars. feel my card information is being used by someone else. keep calling telephone number on card but am cut off re: line isoverloaded. hat 93.00 as doeT my gas bill. I am senior who pays close attention to all my transactions. How do I stop this robbing?

  18. I have used it for several years ,my only complaim is that tou can not do a stop payment. I call the customer service line and they are to busy and hag up on me .the customer service sucks. ED

  19. I have used this for several years, my only complaint is you can not stop payment. Ihave called customer service 7 times and they are to busy and hag up on me. ED

  20. Direct Express is terrible you cannot even TA:LK to a LIVE Person? WHY? The number always says the same thing too many callers call later!!! That is bullshit and if I can get my account info I am going to change my DD to another card! They will not even give you your money early ~ This coimpany sucks! Wish I had NEVER used Direct Express!!!

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