How to Access the REAL GoProgram Login

UPDATED:  August 2, 2021 

This article will share the basics of how to effectively manage your Goprogram Way2go Card. This includes information on how the card works, how to obtain one, and how to use it. Furthermore, this article will divulge some tips for using your GoProgram Login to its maximum potential. 

The Way2Go card can be used anywhere Mastercard debit cards are accepted. It can be used to pay bills online, everyday purchases with most online retailers as well as getting cash from ATMs. No more ridiculous check-cashing fees for having to cash physical checks at places like Ace Cash Express or Western Union.

How to Access Login

If you already have created an account and activated your card you

  • Visit the Way2Go login page at
  • Enter your User ID and click “Login”
    If you forgot your User ID, see further instructions below.

Create new Account and Activate Way2Go card from

  • Visit the Way2Go login page here. and click on ‘Create User ID.’ Be sure to have your account number on hand, you will need to enter your account number and CVV during the registration process.
  • Next, enter your email address and choose your User ID and password.
  • After you have your account setup you are able to make changes to your account and getting the phone app is even easier.
  • If you have any issues call Go Program customer service any time 1-888-929-2460

Use the Mobile App to Manage Your Unemployment Benefits.

Download the official Way2Go App from either Apple or Google Play. It is a quick and free way to monitor your prepaid debit on the go. Go through the same steps as above for activating your Way2Go Debit Mastercard.

After your GoProgram Login is Created

  • Check your payments or existing balance online. If the funded amount is different than you were expecting it is crucial to contact your funding source ie your state unemployment office. Go Program Customer service will not be able to help.
  • Review up to the last 18 months of your transaction history
  • Create and manage deposit and balance alerts to your phone. To setup these alerts for free call (1-888-929-2460) Note: This is not the customer service phone number. 
  • Depending on your states fee structure, you can setup automatic direct deposit from your Debit Mastercard to your personal checking account each month.
  • There are fees that can be associated with ATM cash withdrawals which can differ from state to state. Be sure to to check your GoProgram account to make sure you are not loosing money in fees. 

Way2Go card Payments: 

The Way2Go Card is an electronic method for receiving payments. The prepaid debit card can be configured as a one-time payment or set up for receiving recurring payments each month. 

  1. Company payroll and commissions
  2. Retirement benefit payments 
  3. Insurance settlements and payouts
  4. Refunds from IRS taxes
  5. Food and Childcare assistance.
  6. State Unemployment Benefits

GoProgram Debit Card is used for :

The versatility of the GoProgram Way2Go membership provides individuals with a prepaid debit from MasterCard to receive government benefits from many different federal benefit programs.


The is also used for electronic payment tax refunds, workers compensation, payroll services, and in some states unemployment insurance. It is an extremely useful tool for individuals receiving federal benefits who do not have a bank account, providing secure access to their federal funds.

This includes federal financial aid for Social Security Disability, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Military pension & Veteran Benefits, and Civilian Retirement Funds (401k plans and IRA accounts).

A related program offered by the government with a comparable prepaid account is the Direct Express prepaid MasterCard that gives cardholders similar benefits as the EppiCard or Way2Go.

How to Access Your Way2Go Funds

Cardholders have access to the Conduent network of ATMs which include Comerica Bank and MoneyPass ATMs for Fee fewer transactions *This is not always the case

Money can always be withdrawn from any local bank teller. The only exception is if the bank is not in the Mastercard network.

Easily Pay for things that you would purchase routinely at your local stores as well as online.

Way2Go Card Withdrawal limits

Currently, the GoProgram Card is limited to $500.00 ATM transactions per day. This is very similar to most debit cards from traditional banks such as Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo. 

What are the Go Program Card Fees?

Way2Go ATM Fees

Unfortunately, the prepaid debit card providers do not have consistent fees across all their cards. For example, Florida might have a different fee structure than Mississippi or Virginia. We highly suggest you consult the specific fees for your state or company.

Depending on your state Fees can be applied on the following:

  • Over a certain amount of in-network ATM withdrawals can be charged $1.50 to $2.00. Usually at least two in-network withdrawals are free each month
  • Out-of-network ATM Withdrawals can be charged for each transaction. Fees range in the $1.50 to $2.00 per transaction
  • It is possible to get charged a fee for checking your balance on both In-network and out-of-network ATMs. 

Other Possible Card Transaction Fees

  • After a certain number of phone support calls fees up to .50 cents can be charged
  • If you request more than one replacement card then you can expect to pay around $5.00 per Way2Go replacement card.
  • Expect to pay roughly $15.00 if you request expedited shipping which usually gets the card to you in two business days.

Can I Transfer Way2Go Money From Card to Bank account?

Yes! You’ll see an option called “Transfer Money From Account To Card” under the menu bar. Select that button and follow the prompts.

Can I Add Additional Debit Cards?

No. Way2Go Cards are only issued to the exact person who qualifies and applies for unemployment benefits.

Why did I receive a Way2Go Card?

Many states and federal agencies are no longer issuing checks. Also, many states previously were using EPPI Cards which are now getting switched over to GoProgram. You will receive a card when you enroll in the program. Direct deposit for unemployment insurance benefits can be done online or by phone.

When will I receive my Way2Go Card?

You can expect a card to be mailed to you within a ten-day window. A new card will be mailed to you each calendar year. It will come in a non-descript envelope and contain: 

  • The legal paperwork, which explains the terms and conditions to the new card holder
  • A helpful user manual explaining where and how the card functions
  • The Comerica Privacy documents that explain what privacy options are available to you.

Where are the Comerica and MoneyPass ATMs located?

 Go to or to find In-network ATM locations near you.

Is it possible to use the card without a PIN?

It’s not necessary to have a PIN to make signature-based purchases.

You have to use a PIN when withdrawing cash from ATMs or requesting cashback with a purchase. When you call, you can choose your own PIN.

You should only use a PIN that you would know. Don’t give anyone your card or PIN. The PIN should never be written on your card.

What should I do if I don’t remember my PIN?

Your card has a customer service number on it. GoProgram Card Customer Services processes PIN issues. 

What services does Way2Go 24-hour Customer Services provide?

Way2Go Customer Services can assist you with the following services. Simply follow the prompts to:

  • Do you have a new card and need to activate it
  • If you misplace a card, or need to report it stolen
  • The card is not yet received
  • If you have forgotten your PIN, please request a mailer
  • Current balance and last five transactions are included in the account info
  • You can learn about card fee

Is it possible to get customer service on my Way2Go account at my bank or credit union?

All Way2Go questions should be directed to the GoProgram customer service line. You can use the website for inquiries.

Need assistance with your account? Contact Help Desk

If you forgot your User ID, click Forgot User ID from the login page and follow the prompts or contact customer service at 1-888-929-2460

What is the Way2Go Customer Service Phone Number

The Way2Go customer support number is 888-929-2460. Customer support is available twenty-four hours a day.

NOTE: We are not affiliated with, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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