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UPDATED:  February 28, 2020  –  Many people budget for and count on receiving federal funds each month. Waiting for federal funds to deposit can be nerve-racking. Whether you are depending on that income to budget for home improvements or saving for retirement.

If you’ve ever had your federal benefits check lost, stolen or delayed in the mail, the EppiCard and Way2Go card are here to help.

GoProgram Login

To manage your Way2Go account online and access your account

  • Visit the Way2Go Card login page at
  • Enter your User ID and click “Login”
    If you forgot your User ID, see further instructions below.

Create User IDgo-program-way2go-card

Visit the Go Program login page here. and click on ‘Create User ID.’ Be sure to have your account number on hand, you will need to enter your account number and CVV during the registration process.

Next, enter your email address and choose your User ID and password.

After you have your account setup you are able to make changes to your account and getting the phone app is even easier.

All you need is to download the app onto your mobile device from the app store. It is a quick and free way to monitor your prepaid debit on the go.

The Features

  • Activate a new account & Change your PIN
  • Review up to the last 18 months of your transaction history
  • Check Balance & Confirm deposits to EppiCard
  • Create and manage deposit and balance alerts
  • Manage your notification preferences

How does the Go Program it work?

How the Go Program electronic payment system works is simple. Those who are currently receiving government benefits or an online payment can switch from a direct deposit to their bank account or credit union to an EppiCard.

The versatility of the Go Program Way2Go membership provides individuals with a prepaid debit from MasterCard to receive government benefits from many different federal benefit programs.

goprogram-com-login-go-programThe Go Program is also used for electronic payment tax refunds, workers compensation, payroll services and in some states unemployment insurance. It is an extremely useful tool for individuals receiving federal benefits who do not have a bank account, providing secure access to their federal funds.

This includes federal financial aid for Social Security Disability, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Military pension & Veteran Benefits and Civilian Retirement Funds (401k plans and IRA accounts).

What is the Way2Go Card?

The card can be utilized where all CC and debit accounts are accepted including grocery stores, gas stations, healthcare offices, drug stores and pharmacies, restaurants, and department stores.

The EppiCard can also be used to receive cash back when making purchases, withdraw cash from ATM machines and bank transfers. This freedom allows members to be in control of their federal benefits and use the EppiCard to its fullest potential.

A related program offered by the government with a comparable prepaid account is the Direct Express prepaid MasterCard that gives cardholders similar benefits as the EppiCard or Way2Go.

Need assistance with your account? Contact Help Desk

If you Forgot your User ID, click Forgot User ID from the login page and follow the prompts or contact customer service at 1-888-929-2460

Customer Service for Go Program


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